What’s a ‘TweetTrack?’

A TweetTrack is a trackback or pingback generated from a Twitter post (Tweet) to a blog.

Where do you get your data?

Twitter post history is provided by the kind folks at Terraminds who happen to have an excellent Twitter search engine.

How often is data updated?

Terraminds updates their data every 15 minutes and that’s how often TweetTrack is updated.

How do you handle tiny urls?

Tiny urls from any url shortening service are resolved to each original address.  The original address is replaced in the post on the TweetTrack blog.

What if I don’t see my TweetTracks?

When reading tweets, we only go back so far.  A particularly heavy period may cause us to miss some tweets.  We will make adjustments as we go along to improve this process.

What if I still don’t see my TweetTracks? 

TweetTrack will attempt to autodiscover trackback or pingback links in the blog that the tweet references.  Each blog must be setup properly for autodiscovery or the TweetTrack will not be posted.

Will TweetTrack generate spam?

TweetTrack is an experiment.  It may not always work, and it might be gone tomorrow.  If spammers become a large problem, the service will be retired.  Spammers will probably try to use the system to generate additional spam links.  TweetTrack functionality could also be hampered by services like Akismet, which might block TweetTrack.  There are a few safeguards in place to attempt to prevent spam, but I’ve given up hope on completely preventing those bastards.  The best I can do is try to fight them when they come.  [May they all rot in Hell.]

What if I have questions about the service or want to send you a big, fat check?

Send an email to support [at] whitleymedia.com for questions and check-mailing instructions.


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